Twin Armada = OPEN!?

Twin Armada 

The armada has set sail! Finally got to check out the finished site to my friends’ company and i’m thoroughly impressed. Glad to see the time after the announced delay went to good use. Comparing the site back then and now, it’s sooo much better than before. Lots more to look at, variety wise, and a lot more polished. If you see the site for urself, you’ll see the work that went into the site. We had a little launch countdown at my place and a toast was in order. KOMPAI! THE ARMADA HAS ARRIVED!!!

Check out Twin Armada’s new online clothing store here


5 Responses to “Twin Armada = OPEN!?”

  1. Rachel C Says:

    Who designed the website? Was it you?
    Do you do freelance and what are your fees for a website like twin armada?

  2. winjuroo Says:

    I helped in the design of the website, but I did not actually create the site. My friend, Vuong, does some freelance, but I am not sure how he works involving comissions. He is the one that created the site. If you would like to contact him, you should e-mail him through Twin Armada’s business e-mail (

  3. Quick Question.. do u know when twin armada will be receiving more of the sold out clothes???

  4. winjuroo Says:

    They should update thier stock this weekend. New product arrived over the week and it’ll be updated sometime this weekend. Check back at that time!

  5. Hello Everyone,

    If you would like to get real-time updates to when we will get new products in and promotions, feel free to go to our news blog at Twin Armada is also working on an email newsletter so you can subscribe and get updates too! So stay tuned. If you have any additional comments or concerns, direct them to Thankyou!

    @Rachel, if you would like to discuss the site design and functionality feel free to contact me at, I’ll be more than happy to answer any of your questions!

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