Downtown Disney.


My recent life seems to be one of a chauffeur so far… it’s all i’ve been doing for maybe the past two weeks and boy… I guess I at least get outta the house these days, but shoot… it seems to be getting old. Well, we’ll see how it goes. 

This time seemed to be more interesting than usual since I kinda had a cousin hang-out day as well today. Both my cousins; one from St. Pete and one from Orlando that hasn’t visited in a while, decided to converge today and I have to say, it feels good having a day to get reacquainted and just catch up on things. Days like these rarely come by, unfortunately, and I fully embrace these memories.

Oh by the way, the Meikai students were there as well. Tho, it was more of a cousin hangout than hanging out w/ the Meikai students. Happen to run into a lotta old friends as well today. This day was weird, but very fun. Lotsa funny pics and lotsa things discussed.

And next will be the trip to Miami/Key West to end UCF’s spring break… sigh… I’ll definitely be taking lots of pictures, so check back after this weekend for a photo splurge.

***Check out my flickr page for pictures!*** 


2 Responses to “Downtown Disney.”

  1. Hey, man, I apologize about like making you like chaperone the girls around. I guess I kinda thought you enjoyed hanging out with them… maybe almost as much as I did? Heh. Well, I do appreciate you coming. Its always good times chillin’ with ya.

  2. winjuroo Says:

    i’m exaggerating for dramatic effect, but there is some truth to my words… lol. i really do enjoy hanging out w/ them. maybe it’s just a little too much… i dunno…

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