Lexy Vol. 4 – The Lexy.

Released: March 24, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap / Electronica
Artist: Female
Size: 51 MB

No female artist has perfected the art of singing and rapping better than the sexy, groovy Lexy. After a year of rest, Lexy struts back into the spotlight with her fourth album The Lexy, hoping to expand her growing list of hits such as Ae Song Ee, Let Me Dance, Girls, and Rush. This time, Lexy steps onto the conductor’s podium, taking control over all aspects of the album, from directing, producing, and composing, to arranging and penning the lyrics. Her latest album evokes fresh new hip-hop sounds by mixing in a variety of different styles such as electronica, Euro-dance, and R&B.

Penned and composed by Lexy, and featuring the vocals of group V.O.S’s own Hyun Joon, Let Me Dance 2 ranked within the top 10 of various pop charts in just 3 days of its release. Another song that promises to be a hit for the star is Ma People, an East Coast style hip-hop number infused with electronic sounds and featuring Lexy’s signature rap. Also, for the first time in her career, Lexy dabbles in some R&B ballads with Don’t Lie (Track 3) and Doo Sa Ram (“Two People” – Track 9).
Credits to YesAsia~

01 (Intro) I Told Ya!
02 Ma People
03 Don’t Lie
04 Let Me Dance 2 (Feat. Hyun Jun of V.O.S)
05 Immature Girl (Feat. Crown J)
06 Tonight (Feat. House Rulez)
07 번호를 지워
08 Selfish Love
09 두사람
10 난 여자라
11 Don’t Lie (Remix)

*Credit goes to 1004 Music for the info and link*

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  1. Thank you! Been looking around for it 🙂

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