Alex – My Vintage Romance

Alex, the main male singer of the group, Clazziquai, split off from the group and debuted with his first solo album! Horan, the female lead singer, went off and joined another project group called, Ibadi, and released an album w/ them. This doesn’t mean Clazziquai’s broken up! Since they are a project group, they are encouraged to pursue other projects outside the group. They still plan to release an album this year. BUT ANYWAYS! This album is GREAT! I like almost every song from the album. You can’t go wrong listening to the soothing rhythm and soft vocals of Alex. Link to DL and to watch the MV of the second track after the break.

Album DL: Click Here [credit goes to SweetXMelodies]

Alex – If It’s You MV:


3 Responses to “Alex – My Vintage Romance”

  1. uniquetaste Says:

    HEY! i stumble upon your site while researching bout alex’s new album!
    Aniway, thks for the link:) i love his vocal’s too!

  2. thanks so much for the link to his album; been looking around for it. Alex~ ❤

  3. I have had My Vintage Romance for a couple weeks now, and only listened to Daisy #14 and Flowerpot #15 until tonight 11.18.2008.

    Alex is AWESOME, his vocals are inspiring and relaxing. Usually when you get a CD you buy it for 1, 2 maybe 3 songs…NOT the case with My Vintage Romance.

    Out of all 15 selections, there is only 1 I can do without and maybe I just need to hear it a few more times.

    Please Support Alex and buy his new CD, and Enjoy!

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