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Kaba Modern.

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Kaba Modern
American Idol Judge Randy Jackson is rocking the screens of MTV with a new competitive group dance series “America’s Best Dance Crew.” The official premier begins on Thursday, February 7 at 10pm ET/PT, but last night was the live two hour casting show.
Each dance crew of five to seven members demonstrated their most innovative choreography, for a chance to compete on the official show. The dance crew that caught my eye was Kaba Modern (Yuri Tag, Tony Tran, Mike Song, Lawrence Kao, Cindy Minowa, Jia Huang) from Orange County, CA. I loved their great isolations, and popping moves. The six member group was in sync at all times with very tight and unique choreography. I especially liked their imitation of loading shotguns for the kill!Kaba Modern members include:

Yuri Tag

Yuri Tag“I first started dancing when I was five (because the doctor recommended it to my mom) but I did not start taking it seriously until 2005. That’s when I realized it was my passion.”

Tony Tran

Tony Tran“Mr. Wiggles influenced me. Started dancing in 2003.”

Mike Song

Mike Song“I started dancing after I saw a bible study teacher at my church popping at one of our church retreats. My dance career started when I entered a talent contest in LA with a group of high school friends.”

Lawrence Kao

Lawrence Kao“My dancing career started my first year in college. I went to a collegiate scene competition called Vibe and was inspired to become a dancer.”

Cindy Minowa

Cindy Minowa“As a young girl, I actually wanted to be an actress at first. My father was the one who suggested to have me in dance classes to be well-rounded as an actress. I hated dance my first year, however my mother knew that she had to keep me in classes. My second year is when I started to love dancing.”

Jia Huang

Jia Huang“Started dancing ballet at age ten because my best friend was doing it too.”Here’s a video of them from the live auditions:*Credit goes to Kineda for the article. Click here to visit their blog! *