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Emi Hinouchi – Ai Dake Ga MV.

Posted in music with tags , , on April 30, 2008 by winjuroo

Forgot there was an MV for this! Really like the song since it’s different from her recent releases. I really like ballad songs~~


Emi Hinouchi – Ai dake ga (single).

Posted in music with tags , , , on April 17, 2008 by winjuroo

Released: April 9, 2008
Language: Japanese
Genre: Pop
Artist: Female

This is Emi’s latest single. I’ve seen the MV for this and it’s a pretty good song. She’s supposed to be commin out with a new album sometime, but the release date hasn’t been confirmed yet… it’s been 5 yrs since she’s released an album. Release one already!!!

1. Ai Dake Ga
2. I Love You
3. Ai Dake Ga -Demo ver.-