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Jewelry + SS501 – One More Time Special Stage Perf.

Posted in Dancing, music with tags , , , on April 6, 2008 by winjuroo

Man, I really love special stage performances! This time, it’s just Jewelry’s One More Time, probably Korea’s most popular song right now. Near the end, SS501 comes out to join them in their performance and they both dance together! haha. The “One More Time pose” is hilarious! 


The Next “Tell Me” Song?

Posted in music with tags , , , on February 13, 2008 by winjuroo

I doubt it, but Jewelry’s tryin real hard to recreate the quirky 80’s tune from Wonder Girls’ hit song. I just don’t wanna hear this everywhere if i go to Korea. It’s a pretty good song, but I don’t think it’s that great of a song to hear a million times. But check out the MV, some1 might like them more than me…