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Joo & Tae Yeon Special Stage Performance!

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A great performance of two great songs! Joo and Girls’ Generation leader Tae Yeon do a duet of their two new songs. Awesome ballads! I’ll post both of the songs on my widget so u can listen to them.


Kaba Modern ABDC Compilation.

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Weeks 1-4: 

Week 5:

Week 6:

Wonder Girls – Wishing on a Star MV

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Their new MV just came out yesterday, so just spreadin some Wonder Girls love. The MV is pretty good. U could tell they had some budget constraints or somethin, but I love the song. U would thought Samsung, who funded the entire MV and therefore see the orange laptop everywhere, would dumped more money into making it better… they probably need more money for their whole business scandal goin on now. lol

Mighty Mouth – 사랑해 (feat. Yoon Eun Hye)

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Mighty Mouth – 사랑해 (feat. Yoon Eun Hye)Released: March 3, 2008
Language: Korean
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap

Mighty Mouth is a new hip-hop duo who got lucky by getting former Baby-VOX member and Coffee Prince star Yoon Eun Hye to lend her voice to their title track, I Love You. It’s a pretty catchy song, just thought I’d share their first single. Always on the lookout for good music.

01 사랑해 (feat. Yoon Eun Hye)
02 Movie Star
03 사랑해 (Radio Edit)
04 사랑해 (Instrumental)
05 Movie Star (Instrumental)

*Credit goes to 1004 Music!*

M-Flo – Award SuperNova -Loves Best- (Best Album)

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Another Best Album from m-flo entitled “Award SuperNova -Loves Best-“. The brand new song “Love Comes and Goes” is on here. [credit:MellowB@jpopsuki]

1. The Beginning
2. Love Comes and Goes (m-flo Emi Hinouchi, Ryohei, Emyli, Lisa & Yoshika)
3. Miss You (m-flo melody. & Ryohei)
4. Lotta Love (m-flo Minmi)
5. Cosmic Night Run (m-flo Maki Nomiya & Crazy Ken Band)
6. Summer Time Love (m-flo Emi Hinouchi & Ryohei)
7. Chapter 9
8. Hey! (m-flo Akiko Wada)
9. The Love Bug (m-flo Boa)
10. Let Go
11. Ping
12. Tripod Baby (m-flo Lisa)
13. Luvotomy (m-flo Namie Amuro)
14. Love Song (m-flo Bonnie Pink)
15. ∞
16. REEEWIND! (m-flo Crystal Kay)
17. The Rest is History…

M-Flo – Award SuperNova -Loves Best- (Best Album)

M-flo loves Hinouchi Emi & Ryohei & Emyli & YOSHIKA & LISA – Love Comes and Goes.

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Their Final loves song… (yes for real…) From what I hear, the artists in the MV are supposedly candidates to become a member of m-flo! Tho, how does that work for Lisa (ex-m-flo member)? LOL. Go figure…