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Bye Bye.

Posted in Random with tags , , on June 27, 2008 by winjuroo

This comes every year for me. It’s time again to say goodbye to my apartment and move on… but this time it’s different. I’m also parting ways w/ my best friend, Yancy.

Ever since I moved outta my relative’s house, I’ve been w/ him. I’ve had many good memories w/ him and it sucks that we aren’t gonna be living together anymore. No other person has had as much of an influence on me more than him. I’ve learned a lot from him and I like to believe that he has made me a better person. He’s like the brother I never had and i’m really gonna miss that. It’s just not gonna be the same just visiting, but I wish him the best of luck. I’ll be spending the weekend to move most of my stuff to my cousins’ place for the time being. I gotta find a place before I head to Japan… lol. Wish me the best of luck! XD

Just a random bye bye video: Mariah Carey – Bye Bye


Spring Break Road Trip 2008.

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So spring break was finally winding down, so I had to think of SOMETHING to do while it lasted. So Key West/Miami sounded good! Kinda last minutely planned, but in the good spirit of road tripping! 

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Kennedy Space Center.

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So Sunday was my first time visiting Kennedy Space Center in maybe 15 years. I don’t really remember much from that time, but this visit was well worth my $20 (woo! student discount!). Using the Meikai students as an excuse to visit, we made our journey there at 10am. Tho, due to us being asian, we were naturally a bit late… Some complications and an hour later, we make it to NASA a little before noon.

First on the tour was the rocket garden. Pretty self explanatory, it’s quite literally a garden of rockets. lol. Got some kewl pics out of that and by the time that was done, the Meikai students were hungry… so off it is to eat. I didn’t get anything cuz I didn’t wanna get ripped off by the outrageous tourist food prices. So I did what any poor college student would do, stare at others eating… haha.

So after that comes to an end, it’s off to the bus tour (2 hour tour!!!). The wasn’t as bad as initially thought. It took you beyond what was possible. You get to see the launch pad from the closest you can get! Then you also get to see a GIGANTIC Saturn V rocket! Pretty freakin amazing. It’s moments like this that make you proud to be American. There was also an exhibit on the International Space Station and the future of that.

I guess what made the trip more worth it was that we got to show part of our American history/heritage with people not familiar w/ American culture and history. Enlightening minds and broadening horizons is something I feel should always be done and I think we accomplished that today.  

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