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Super Smash Brothers Brawl Impressions.

Posted in Games with tags , , on February 3, 2008 by winjuroo

So I had a chance to finally check out the coveted Smash Brothers Brawl last night at my friend’s house. I think it has lived up to the hype surrounding it. Basically, it’s Melee at the core, but more crazy added.

There have been a few tweaks. Characters now seem to move slower, but really they just float more than in Melee. Sorta changes the game, but not drastically enough to make it different. The final smashes mostly look amazing. All the items are really cool and the stages are really intricate and thought out. I like a lot of the stages, like Pokemon stadium 2 and the Metal Gear stage.

Some characters have been tweaked as well. Fox doesn’t seem as good anymore. In Melee, he was one of the fastest characters. This time around, he seems slow in comparison to a lot of the new characters, like Metaknight. Kirby has been way improved and kicks ass now, like he did in the first Smash. Lucas seems to be a better version of Ness. Also, the heavy and large characters seem to be improved in this game. Dedede is freakin awesome too. Out of all the new characters I’ve played so far tho, Metaknight and Pit seem to be my favorites.

The graphics look like one of the best on the Wii so far. A definite upgrade from Melee. All of the character models look great and the animations are fluid. The controls are the same for the gamecube controls, but it takes getting used to. I kept getting cramps when using the wiimote by itself. I have yet to try it using the wiimote and nunchuck. Tho, my friend noticed lag.

Overall, I think the game is worth it. People are gonna buy the game anyways, so get used to it.