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Last Days: The Gallery Collection.

Posted in Random with tags , , on April 1, 2008 by winjuroo

Here’s the collection of photos I took during this whole time. Well, there’s most of them…

Flickr Sets

Picasa Web Ablums (the newest one)


The Last Days: Memories w/ Meikai (yr. 2 – pt. 2)

Posted in Random with tags , , on March 30, 2008 by winjuroo

Fast forward to after I drop them home —> (Trung, Alfred, and Jonathan came to my house by this time)

It was time to start the endless nite… making all the gifts for the Meikai students we knew. Early in the morning, Alfred and me stopped by Publix to get stuff to make sandwiches and cards for all the students and even earlier, I grabbed a big bag of sand from Clearwater Beach. We decided to fill jars w/ the sand so that they could take a piece of my hometown with them back to Japan (sounds kewl, rite!?). Jonathan decided to compile a DVD w/ a movie he was making and most of the pics that I took during my time w/ them. It took us most of the nite, but we finally finished filling out all the cards, making the DVD and sand jars around 7:45am.

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The Last Days: Memories w/ Meikai (yr. 2 – pt. 1)

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These are the memories and emotions that have been brewing in my mind for the past couple days. This entry is definitely the longest one i’ve written, but it’s also my most heartfelt one, next to my entry to Minju…

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Hometown Road Trip.

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Kinda too lazy to write what we did on this trip in detail, so I’ll just write the gist of things. Shopping, Pier, Beach, Food. Good enough? LOL. Altho, I discovered that Yasuko is very photogenic. Maybe a photo-shoot before she goes? Maybe… Anyways, it was a great all-day trip and it’s a shame we didn’t get to spend more time at the beach… check out the gallery link for the pics.

Click here for the gallery! (I had to put these pics in the same gallery as the Kennedy Space Center ones cuz of Flickr’s limitations… sigh… time to find a better image host. Any suggestions?) 

Downtown Disney.

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My recent life seems to be one of a chauffeur so far… it’s all i’ve been doing for maybe the past two weeks and boy… I guess I at least get outta the house these days, but shoot… it seems to be getting old. Well, we’ll see how it goes. 

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Shuttle Launch.

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So I got a chance to check out the night launch yesterday at Kennedy Space Center. Technically, it was early this morning (2:28am), but w/e. I went there with Alfred, Alissa, Yancy, Lucy, Trung, Aaron and some of the Meikai transfer students.

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Curry & Dorama Night.

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Well this was sorta unexpected… having curry made by the lovely Meikai ladies and some J-dorama to top it off a great night. Other than my voice starting to go away, it was all gravy~.

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