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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on September 6, 2008 by winjuroo

Sorry for the lack of updates for the past… month and a half? ALOT of stuff happened in the recent times (move to a new apartment and went to Korea/ Japan for a month) and I had NO time to write on the blog or post anything.

About the future of this blog, I sort of lost the main reason I started this blog, but I wanted to keep writing on this blog. So I decided to change the focus of this blog to a more personal journal/ diary type blog. It’s gonna deal more w/ what’s going on in my life and A LITTLE of the music that inspires my life. The blog turned into more of a chore when all I was doing was posting performances/ singles/ albums. I want to refocus this towards something a little more meaningful to me. I’ll start off the new refocused blog in a day or two about my trip to Japan and Korea.

Mainly, this blog is intended for me and my closest friends, but it’s always nice to have others read about ur life.

– Winjuroo OUT!


New Year’s Thoughts.

Posted in Random with tags , , on February 7, 2008 by winjuroo

First of all, I’d like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of the people that celebrate the Chinese New Year. Contrary to belief, this isn’t the new year for us Laos people yet. lol. Our new year isn’t until mid April… butANYWAYS, I just had the thought…

New Years is the time where families reunite and pay their respect to the elders. Does one think of why or how this came about? Maybe to pay homage to the past and for better fortune? Or maybe just to get a lotta money/gifts? lol. I dunno the answer, but the moral of this post is that people should try to better understand their culture. Try to understand the history of why things are the way they are now. Maybe you will attain a better appreciation of your heritage, like I have…