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Twin Armada.

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 Twin Armada

I got a chance to take a look at an upcoming online clothing boutique setup by two good friends of mine the other day and I have to say, I’m really impressed by what they’ve done so far. For two brothers who just graduated to start a business in a competitive field like clothing, it’s pretty bold of them. Tho, I am fully confident of their success when I look upon what they’ve done so far.

An online clothing store aimed towards the younger generation, Twin Armada sets out to offer fashionable clothing, at an affordable price. By offering clothing online, they are able to cut costs due to there being no physical store to maintain. I’m really excited by some of the designs they offer and their designers look top-notch.

The way that Twin Armada works is that they sign on several designers. Each designer has a contract for a couple months and designs clothing for them. Depending on how their contract is setup, they will receive a portion of the revenue generated by their product. It’s as simple as that. By using this method, the style will stay current and fresh. 

I got a chance to help them during one of their photo shoots for the website. Here’s a preview of what they have to offer (I took these pics! ^_^). If you would like to be a model for their website or would like to sign up w/ Twin Armada, feel free to contact me or Quang Nguyen (e-mail).

Their store opens its doors on Feb. 22nd. Be sure to check them out/ give feedback/ etc!